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The Yellow Roadway Company, or YRC, is a transportation company for industrial, commercial and retail goods that was formed when Yellow Transportation and Roadway combined back in 1930. They are a subsidiary of YRC Worldwide Inc that is located in Overland Park, Kansas with a corporate office in Akron, Ohio. With other subsidiaries like YRC Reimer, Reddaway, Holland and New Penn.

The Yellow Roadway Company offers a full service transportation network that uses advanced information technologies and provides proactive customer service. Utilizing global transportation logistics to their maximum benefit to provide fast easy import and export shipment options. Customers can track their orders from the distribution center to the dock; track the shipment while it is en route all the way to their door.

YRC has the market cornered when it comes to safety. In their employment is one individual that has over 5 million road miles that are accident free. The company participates in the “Share the Road Safely” program. Corporate and district safety teams are proactively involved in teaching safety and industry standards to the media, customers, legislators, community organizations and schools.

The YRC website gives you the ability to get rate quotes, keep track of your shipment and inquire about the status of an invoice, plus many other important shipping related functions.

The online functions offered by YRC are:

• Bill of lading- create and email bills of lading
• E-Tracking- receive status updates via email with a link as proof of delivery.
• Proactive tracking- track up to 250 shipments using multiple reference numbers.
• Invoices- view all open invoices and email up to 250 invoices.
• Online rate quotes- get rate quotes based on the information you enter and book using YRC’s Time-Critical service.
• YRC reports- receive customized reports by email daily, weekly or monthly.
• Service days- quickly find out transit time for all shipping points between the US, Canada and Mexico.
• Payment history- use a unique PRO number to view the current invoice amount, payment and disbursement history.
• Payment resolution- resolve payment related issues online.
• Pickup request- request a pickup and receive a confirmation number.

Yellow Roadway Has A Logistics Network Unmatched In The US

With all of the services offered by Yellow Roadway Company, there is no need for you to go anywhere else for your industrial, commercial and retail goods transportation needs. Everything can be done by visiting the website or by calling their 24/7 dedicated customer service line. YRC offers you complete control of your transaction from scheduling to delivery and pickup.